IMO Compliant 3-axis Doppler Sonar that outputs the required information for berthing

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Display Size 8.4 inches
Display Type Color LCD

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  • The DS60 is a precision, 3-axis Doppler Sonar designed to output the required information for berthing and docking operation of vessels. It complies with IMO MSC.36(63), MSC.96(72), A.694(17) and A.824(19), designed for the vessels of 50,000 GT and greater, such as container vessels, VLCC and other tankers.
  • The 8.4-inch color LCD display shows information in both alphanumerics and graphics. It offers three display modes: 3-axis speed, berthing and NAV data. The modes can be switched with the optional remote controller. For wing installation, IP56 waterproof box for the display is available (optional supply).
  • The DS-60 provides accurate information of ship’s speed over a wide range. Speeds are detected relative to the ground or water for both fore-aft and port-starboard directions.
  • The measurement capability at dead slow speed is vital for precise docking of huge tankers to oil loading/unloading facilities, as well as safe navigation in narrow channels or straits. Operation at high speed assists economical cruising in open seas.
  • While retaining the measurement accuracy of the DS30, the DS60 provides a greatly downsized transducer unit. This means that the time for installation and space required for installation will be reduced.
  • The compact, high-frequency transducer measures ship’s longitudinal (fore-aft) and transverse (port-starboard) speed, as well as water speed and direction under the hull.
  • The DS60 comes standard with the DS661 gate valve and tank. If a tank without gate valve is desired, the DS661 may be replaced with the DS660 tank without flange.
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