Specifications Details
Antenna Size 4 ft or 6 ft
Antenna type Open Array
Band X-Band
Display Size 12.1 inches
Display Type Color LCD
Beam Width 1.9 degrees or 1.4 degrees
Power Usage 24 VDC
Power Output 12 kW
Range 72 nm

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  • Even during rainfalls or severe weather conditions, radar echoes are clearly displayed, and unnecessary echoes can be removed instantly with ease. Compared with current radars (FR-8002 series) the technology for removing Sea, Rain and Snow clutter has been greatly enhanced utilizing FURUNO’s state of the art knowledge in digital signal processing.
  • When using the True Trail Mode, moving objects will show up on the main screen with a colorful trail. These trails make it possible to determine the movements of nearby vessels.
  • The Target Tracking (TT) feature continously tracks and provides positional information for up to ten targets.
    ※ The optional ARP-11, heading data and speed data are required to use TT.
  • An AIS device-equipped FR-8005 series radar can track target heading, name, speed and direction of movement. With AIS it is possible to identify and track the movement of other vessels in heavy fog, during nighttime and otherwise difficult conditions. Another benefit is that with AIS you can identify obscured targets that the radar signals cannot reach, giving you more time to act. AIS can display up to 100 targets simultaneously, TT can display up to 10 different targets simultaneously.
    ※ AIS receiver and heading data are required.
  • When using the Target mode, vessels close by and vessels on intersecting courses are automatically displayed zoomed in. These targets will remain displayed for as long as they pose any concern. Target Trails are also displayed, making it easy for the user to determine the movements of individual vessels.
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