Specifications Details
Chart Type Vector
Data Type NMEA0183 or NMEA2000
Display Size 12.1 inches
Display type Color LCD
Frequency 50 and 200 kHz
Power Usage 12-24 VDC
Power Output 600 W or 1 kW
Range 1200 m
Receiver Type GPS or WAAS


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  • User customizable keys are designed to create short-cuts to menus. Customize menus before you leave the dock for faster, effortless and more intuitive operation on the sea.
  • The larger IPS LCD screen, which features a distinctively clear and wider viewing angle, gives you excellent readability in changing sea conditions.
  • The GP-3700 series is capable of storing up to: 30,000 own ship track points, 10,000 TT/AIS/consort/GPS buoy points, 30,000 mark/lines, and can record way points and routes.
  • The GP-3700 series provides and displays navigation data in a wide variety of modes.
  • All the display modes can be switched by tapping “DISP” key according to your favor.
  • The “UNDO” key lets you go back one operational step of deleting and drafting your marks and lines with a single press of a key. While the “UNDO” key works as going back your operation, the “REDO” function recovers your last operation.
  • USB flash drive (local supply) can be connected to the front panel. Stored data can be used for retrofit, review for the service, and record of your navigation marks.
  • Provides an at-a glance recognition of bottom composition with four types of graphical displays (Rocks/Sand/Gravel/Mud) when connected to a supported thru-hull or transom mount transducer.
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