TZtouch3 Series

Series Display Size Display
TZT12F 12 inches 12″ Hybrid Control IPS Display
TZT16F 16 inches 16″ All-Glass IPS Display FULL HD (1920×1080)
TZT19F 19 inches 19″ All-Glass IPS Display FULL HD (1920×1080)

Specifications Details
Chart Type Vector or Raster or Satellite Photo or 3D Data or C-Map or CMOR
Display Type Color Multi Touch LCD
Frequency CW 50-200kHz or CHIRP 40kHz to 225kHz
Power Usage 12-24 VDC
Power Output 300 W or 600 W or 1 kW
Receiver Type WAAS-GPS or SBAS or GPS

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  • Experience navigation like never before with this stunning and powerful 19” Multi Function Display. Imagine having one or multiple units on your helm, giving you a conning station that makes it look like you’re the captain of a sci-fi spaceship! Featuring a new, powerful quad-core processor for lighting-fast response time and a built-in Dual Channel 1kW TruEcho CHIRP™ & CW Fish Finder.
  • The new PIN CODE Lock feature allows you to require a four-digit password to be entered upon startup, keeping your data safe against theft.
  • Create your routes at home using TZ Navigator, a web browser, or TZ iBoat iOS App. Then you can retrieve them from the cloud & download to your TZtouch3. Also, create events on your MFD and retrieve them at home because the data is synchronized automatically & securely to My TimeZero. TZ Cloud also stores marks, routes, boundaries, photos, and catch data.
  • NavNet TZtouch3 is its scalability – systems can be as big or small as you need. Add, change or remove AIS, VHF, Compass, Weather and other sensors as needed to dial in your dashboard, whether fishing, cruising or sailing.
  • You spoke. We listened. And now we delivered! NavNet TZtouch3 incorporates a powerful internal 1 kW TruEcho CHIRP™ Fish Finder. For many, this is the perfect Fish Finder, but for some, they need more power. So, we proudly bring you Deep Impact (DI-FFAMP), a high-powered 2/3 kW amplifier that connects to the internal TruEcho CHIRP™ Fish Finder. But if that’s not enough, Deep Impact allows you to connect a 5 kW or 10 kW transducer with the BT-5. Go big or go home!
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