FAR22x8 Series

Series Differences
X-band, 12 kW, TR up
X-band, 25 kW, TR up
S-band, 30 kW, TR up
X-band, 600W, TR up, Solid State
S-band, 250 W, TR up, Solid State


  • IEC 60945 Ed.4.0
  • IEC 62388 Ed.2.0
  • IEC 62288 Ed.2.0
  • IEC 61162-2
  • IEC 61162-1 Ed.5.0
  • IEC 61162-450
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  • The EAV determination technology has been taken to the extreme by integrating wide-range dynamic image correlation techniques. Despite being a digital Radar, all echoes, from the weakest to the strongest, are displayed with richer shades.
  • Furuno’s unique Target Analyzer™ function helps to find targets in high noise areas (rain/snow), or where there is interference from sea clutter.
  • Quickly adjusts the Radar image with a single button press. When ACE is activated, the system automatically adjusts clutter reduction filters and gain control according to the sea and weather conditions.
  • With Fast Target Tracking™, the FAR-22×8 series provides accurate tracking information; speed and course vectors are displayed in mere seconds, allowing operators to take action and avoid incidents at a very early stage.
  • InstantAccess Bar™ contains shortcuts to menus for tasks (functions/actions) that are most frequently used by operators, providing quick access to the most critical functions.
  • Plotter-related functions, such as ship’s path (own ship and others), destination settings, route registration, waypoints are all integrated.
  • It is possible to superimpose Radar and Plotter information on the same image to have an even more precise image containing all the most useful information.
  • FURUNO Solid State Radar technology generates clear echo images, which allows users to obtain a clear picture of the area around their vessel, including weaker echoes from small craft. Moreover, a fan-less Solid State antenna dramatically reduces maintenance costs for the magnetron and CPU fan.
  • Solid State Radar keeps almost same power ability as conventional magnetron radar according to low output power.
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